Monday, January 19, 2015

Another week in paradise

So emails are coming out later today than usual because I got to travel to Rustin and go on a pretty fun bike riding trail. Many of the missionaries crashed but I managed to stay on my wheels! It's a good two hour drive away though so its hard to get everything done today! 

We had the elders from El Dorado come up to Magnolia to do exchanges. I went with Elder Nabulivula and we did a straight up 4 hours of tracting and met a ton of potential investigators. The most promising is named B. She was kind of mean at first but as she continued to listen the spirit in the room just got stronger and stronger. She was a woman who really knows her bible and she began to agree with everything we were saying. So we will have to see what happens with our next appointment! My feet hurt quite a bit for awhile after that day though haha. I also discovered how grateful I really am for having a full car area! I'm fairly out of shape after the last couple months of no exercise. But I'm working my way back up to good shape. Wednesday was DDM and my companion and I ended up teaching for it. Because this month's lessons are about personal preparation we chose to learn about using our time wisely. And it's strange how much different your day is when you actually plan it out the night before. Good things get done consistently. It's good to see that God helps us out when we are preparing ourselves and doing what we need to get done. 

This week was chalk full of lessons and crazy people. We were able to reach every single one of our goals and exceed them by more than a few! I'm enjoying my area more and more and trying to do better every day! One of the crazy peoples name is J. He's a really redneck fellow and I actually took a picture with him. We went by for the follow up appointment and he's just standing outside with his shirt off cooking deer patties.(which were reaaaaally good by the way) This guy actually has a lot of beliefs similar to the LDS church but many that stray far away as well haha so I'll keep ya updated on the crazy guy. Anyways I hope y'all have a great week!


Elder Nally

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