Monday, January 26, 2015

So currently I am in Monroe, LA for Pday, specialized training tomorrow and then I'll be in El Dorado for exchanges on Wednesday!
I don't know what made me start with that but I'm too lazy to change it so there it is haha. This last week I have realized a few things. One of which is that even on Elder Hainsworth and my slowest weeks we still keep up to par with what we are supposed to be doing. He really is a great trainer even if he didn't have to teach me doctrine or other such book information but he is helping me become a better missionary! He has often said that he doesn't feel like he is training someone but that's probably just because I learn by watching and can immediately repeat. His last companion was an elder who didn't say much of anything anywhere so Elder Hainsworth became kinda a robotic missionary but the past couple weeks I've seen us grow together.
On another less positive note the people here anger me haha. They act like they will follow commitments or actually be there for appointments but then ditch at every opportunity. Its like they have no conscience :p Sometimes it's hard to love people but I'm trying to do it anyways.

Also something that I've heard most of my life but never really registered is that faith is the beginning of everything. I've seen discussions go from historically interested to spiritually interested just because they tried to have a little faith. It's really increased my testimony that the holy spirit is really here and influencing our everyday lives. Even when it's hard to see among such hardhearted people.
I don't have any interesting or funny stories this week but I have a sad one :c We lost an investigator this week because apparently she came to the church last Sunday and the door was locked. To add to the madness she claims a white woman saw her at the door and did not let her in. We dont know what really happened but I don't think any member would not let someone in if they really saw her. We are hoping we can go over with the Branch President and apologize to her because she had really just started to get interested...
To end and on a brighter note, yesterday was stake conference! It was really good and the central message was focused on how God is our loving Heavenly Father and that no one is too far for redemption. I also got to see two of my mtc peeps. My comp Elder Marvin and Sister Olsen so that was pretty fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Elder Nally

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