Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This last week was pretty great! My district traveled down to Monroe, Louisiana for Pday and then specialized training! Pday was fun haha we ended up having 6 Elders together and that just calls for trouble. We stormed the Duck Commander gift shop and had a bunch of fun there while being unable to go to the diner! I sent home some pictures of that! Afterwards we spent some time at an extremely small zoo! Although it still turned out pretty fun. We used that night at the mall since we didn't have enough lessons planned in a strange area for 6 elders. So we tried to Additional Invite a bunch of people. It's really pretty easy to walk up to a person and talk to them for a bit and then invite them to do something. Although it's quite ineffective as far as results go. But my favorite part was riding the little animal safari things they have around the mall. Let me tell ya, BEST conversation starter! Even if it only lasted 10 minutes.

On Tuesday we went to specialized training which was pretty cool. We got to learn about how different people plan. Soo pretty much as of now my journal looks like a drawing book haha. Also the Assistants to the President asked us to ask questions and they wrote a bunch down and answered whatever we asked! So I learned a myriad of information I've   already found useful in my everyday life. 

The rest of the week was fairly normal as far as missionary goes. We met a guy who had apparently had Mormons over at his house before. He talked a lot about his giant mastiff dog that was actually very calm and nice haha. He didn't stay on topic for more than two minutes. He continually attempted to tickle his giant mastiff who seemed to be getting aggravated.. He also mentioned that at one point he worked at an aluminum factory and he would have a three fold chance of having dementia or Alzheimer disease which I'm not sure hasn't already settled in up there. But he did accept our invitation to read the Book of Mormon again and I felt the spirit for portions of our conversation. We also taught a man this last week. He is the Fiance of a woman who was converted over a year ago. But what surprised me the most is that he is definitely our most interested investigator. He has a baptismal date for the 21st of this month and continually asks us questions. He even showed up to church yesterday! The spirit I feel when we enter the home to teach him is powerful. Every lesson Elder Hainsworth and I have taught has been effective in portraying our message and takes it to heart. 

Before I finish my email I'd like to take a bit of time to share my testimony of prayer. I said my prayers semi consistently or not at all before leaving for my mission. But as I continue to pray and continue to search for those answers, I get them. The other day I was struggling to want to work and to love the people because of some bad images I was acquiring from those I was tracting into that day. Before bed I said a prayer that I would be able to learn to love these people. The very next morning I woke up a half hour later than I should have and struggled to get ready before study time. By the time we should have been companion studying I had already been having a hard morning. But when Elder Hainsworth shared what he learned while I was getting ready my heart opened. He talked about exactly what I needed to hear and although I cannot tell you exactly what he said I know that my prayer was answered. I'm grateful for all of you and for your support!

Elder Nally

ps. I gave myself a haircut (its not thaaat bad)

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