Monday, April 18, 2016

This last week went by surprisingly fast. They say the more time you spend with a companion the harder the weeks get haha. But so far so good! :D 
So it rains a lot over here and I just realized that when i get home its going to be weird when it doesn't rain once a week. Or even once a year xD 
On Saturday we were able to have interviews with the President of the mission. It is always a good experience for me. Some spiritual rejuvenation every time. This time he had me teach him a principal in Spanish and that was interesting because of how unprepared I was haha. His first mission he had been called to was Spanish speaking but he only ever ended up teaching 10 or so lessons there in Spanish. Kinda sad :p. But the interview was really good. Im ready to tackle the world again haha. 
And yesterday we attended church at the Brandon ward 40 minutes from here. After that was a baptism performed by a father who was inactive for a number of years and who now has baptized his wife and his son. They have a wonderful family and it was really sweet to be able to see that! And the dessert was good too ya know? haha. 
Y'all take care of yourselves ya hear?

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