Monday, April 11, 2016

Its been a blessed week over here. We spent some time down in Monroe Louisiana helping some flood victims tear out their drywall to let it all dry and not mold. They are gonna have to get it all replaced! its really nice because we get to do something for these people that would take them weeks by themselves in a few hours! 

We got to spend some time at the Duck Commander store and ate at Willie's diner as well! 

The duck gumbo I had for dinner.

Map of where people visited the diner from.

We got transfer calls this morning and we are both staying here! I get a little bit more time to work on my Spanish haha. It needs a lot of work.

We've also been meeting with a lot of people who are from Guatemala. And actually speak a dialect more than Spanish and/or are in the process of learning spanish so our communication typically is not the best there ever was. But we do our best and pray that the spirit will be there with us! 
::: I made cinnamon rolls one morning:::
Something I've learned in the last little while; There is no struggle that cannot be overcome, there is no sin to hard too recover from, there is no lack of faith that cannot be filled, there is no weakness that cannot be turned into a strength, because of Jesus Christ. There are things we all struggle with. Things that we really just can't turn around. By ourselves. But I know that as we turn our hearts and our eyes to God, these things are no longer hard, or a problem. We all have come to earth with weakness but those things are the things that help us to rely on God. The things that make certain aspects of our life have a strong emphasis. And when we pray to have help with our weakness, with real faith, The stuff that moves mountains, its not as hard as it used to be. And if we have to start by praying to have that kind of faith. So be it. God's help is worth the fight it is to receive it. Because its where we start to become perfected and where we feel real happiness.

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  1. I recall that many of my great mission moments were had serving others. Very cool getting to do that in Monroe, LA!


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