Thursday, March 17, 2016

3.7.16 Forest out on a branch... ba dum cshshhs

:::Elder Nally & Elder Ahanonu:::

I am legitimately excited today. I've been in Forest for 2 months already! We are going to start having sacrament meetings in Forest at the Powell's home (they are a family of our "branch"). This is an opportunity to help the work of the Lord really grow here! Last night we had a meeting about contacting all the people who came to the previous branch 25 years ago and see where they stand, looking into church buildings we could rent. This is the beginning of a serious project with quite a bit of responsibilities on Elder Ahanonu's and mine own shoulders. But it feels light because of the power of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Elder Nally learning to make pupusas, an El Salvadorian-type of tortilla.

We have three different people now set with dates to be baptized (I must apologize for the previous lack of information, I have been feeling very lazy recently!) 

 First: He is a big black feller, loves to fish, talk, and party. He talks about taking truth from every religion and putting it into one religion. Imagine his surprise when we told him its essentially already been done xD. He really wants to find truth and has taken the challenge to try to live the gospel for a week and see if it's real or not. He starts this upcoming wednesday or thursday!

 Second: He is a tough guy to bring out his feelings. One of those guys who doesn't talk about them to anyone for anything but deep down he is a reaaaal softy xD He has a real desire to be baptized but his primary language is Spanish and he honestly isn't bad at English he is just scared to go through right now because of that. We are helping him along and having meetings in Forest will make it easier than driving an half hour to get to church haha. 

 Third: She is 16 years old and hasn't had really any knowledge of Christ and God except that she knew they were real and she needed to learn more. She is really excited to talk with us!

Its just been a good last week really! I also wanted to shout out to an old companion of mine, Elder Hernandez because that dude is awesome and helped me get to the sad little point of Spanish I am now! xD

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