Monday, February 8, 2016

Howdy y'all! Seems I get more southern every time I open my yapper don't it? haha. It's  been another good couple of weeks out here in the wilderness of Mississippi! We found a man named Odis who is very very interested in learning the gospel of Jesus Christ! In fact we have met with him about everyother day or every day in the past two weeks! Its quite exciting! 

This Wednesday we have a General Authority coming to out mission for a zone conference and apparently the way I was taught how to missionary is all wrong. According to the zone leaders (not just me but the entire mission) and he is going to help us get better at what we are doing haha. 

I've been being all introspective again and thinking about gratitude! I can't remember whether I've sent this back or not so bare with me if it's the second time haha. A member in the Texarkana area shared a quote with us that really meant something to me. He said, quoting something, "Gratitude is the catalyst to all other Christlike attributes." And as something I've been striving for this past year or so is to be more Christlike it's been a goal of mine to be more grateful. Every day is brighter and better than the day before when we make an effort to be grateful. For our families, for the lessons we have learned, are learning, and will learn. For the people we get to meet, and the people we get to become. For Jesus Christ and the divine help we can potentially receive EVERY day. For the gospel that we do have and the benefits of happiness and love it brings to our lives. Being grateful for the responsibilities we get to have as servants of our Lord and Creator. To share this blessing we have. To already have or are or be able to raise children and teach them the way of happiness. 

I saw a man this last Sunday and found something marvelous about the gospel. This is the kind of guy who is rough around the edges. One who previously had been in the military. Someone who is really harsh to everyone he meets. But he shared something he learned. Something that had him feeling guilty for being so harsh to his children for treating them like full grown men. The gospel of Jesus Christ is real. It changes us to become better and make the best of this life. To grow into the men and women that God wants us to become and I am grateful for it.

Elder Nally

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