Monday, December 14, 2015

Well there goes time again haha. Looks like this week is when I make my time as a missionary 1 year. I'm going to be on the downhill one of the older missionaries. When I think about it, I feel like I left the MTC just yesterday but there are toooo many experiences I have that make that completely impossible :p Well anyways its only another day haha Continuing onward! 

I am so excited for Christmas it's not even funny! We had a ward party last week and we went out caroling and had a bunch of free food! I'm going to convince the missionaries in my area to go caroling with me so we can try and find some nice people haha!

This last week was really awesome! We had a general authority come to a multi zone conference! His name was Elder Kopischke and he taught a new way to teach people than I've been taught before. It's very different, very bold, and something that I know works after personal experience this last week. He also opened my eyes to making every little thing important and how easy it is to really gain personal revelation. I really appreciated the spirit I could feel there. I gained a little piece of that at this meeting. I never have any questions to ask God because whenever I think of one I go to him to get it answered. But Elder Kopischke asked us to write down some questions and that if we would pay attention to them the spirit would give the answers to us. Even if it had nothing to do with what we were talking about. All I could think to write down was, "Why don't I have any questions?" Throughout the meeting my thought process changed and I scribbled out that question and wrote down, "How can I get more questions?" This prompted more thought, and what I ended up figuring out is that we can pray for questions just as much as we can pray for things to pray about. And when we do we enter into a continuous cycle of learning the things the Lord wants us to learn. If we never stop we will always be going up! It's something that has really been helping me. I know that God and Christ care enough to answer our little questions and to let us know how to become better. That is the purpose of our life here on earth. When y'all have time I really recommend listening to the talk "God is the Gardener" by Hugh B. Brown.

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