Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello Everybody!! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgivings! 
This last week has been a ton of fun! I mean nothing really successful or awesome happened but we worked our booties off and feel great! 
So a story of note, we had the Thanksgiving turkey bowl Thursday morning. This was a lot of fun. We played football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee and sad to say my team lost every game.... Haha this was accentuated by the fact that one of the sisters in my district, Sister Marble, went ahead to trip me hard to the ground on a play that would have caught us up in points haha. Even though I lost I had a lot of fun xD.
Also I was soooooo stuffed for Thanksgiving Mom and Dad you don't need to worry. Not only did I get thanksgiving dinner at the Kuaui's house (family in the ward), I got fed a whole other Thanksgiving lunch at the Armstrong's home! So I didn't eat too much for the next few days haha.
One of the days this week we were out in the rain for a few hours and only one old couple let us in and only because they felt sooo much pity for us being outside. Honestly it wasn't that bad I had a jacket on that blocked out on the rain and I wasn't even wet, like at all. Haha But this man's father had passed on but sometime in his life had joined the church. I don't think that is a little coincidence. 
Now my companion Elder Mills is on his way home and I feel glad to be able to have sent him off on a good hard working week! My new companion is still unnamed due to the new way President Olsen has decided to do transfers. I won't know who it is until the transfer van gets to the Shreveport area. And then I won't get to meet him until nine o clock tonight when he has traveled an extra hour to get up here to Texarkana! Nonsensical haha.
Although nothing amazing has happened this last year, I don't feel discouraged or sad or unuseful. I've been out doing what I can and the Lord has helped me learn and grow so much. The people that I do know I have helped I try to keep in contact with and it has helped me to keep my mind on the positive! I love y'all, im sad that i use the contraction "y'all" so much and I hope that you all have a wonderful week haha.

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