Saturday, August 15, 2015

This week was really cool! A fun thing that happened was when we were back at our apartment waiting for a ride to an appointment we heard police sirens blaring and watched them drive into our complex. Obviously curious as to what is going on we decide to head outside haha Turns out the police department wanted to give out free snow cones to help the people trust them. And while we were still getting closer someone yelled out "you can never say no to a man of God" And then they gave us snow cones.They weren't really that good but it's still a snow cone and we were able to talk to a few of the other curious bystanders and meet a man who is willing to let us back into his home! 

Six months ago I attended the Shreveport Louisiana stake conference when I was serving in Magnolia Arkansas and now here I am in the same stake with the opportunity to attend again! It was a wonderful experience to be able to see members from the branch in Magnolia and other people I was able to meet last time. The real message of the conference that I took home was the importance of the small and simple things with a special emphasis on the Sacrament. I really have found a difference between the days where I wake up on time and put a real effort into studying over when I kinda lounge around and get up mostly on time but struggle to get anything out of my studies. The most effective way to communicate this principal was also shared at the conference. The story of Naaman and how the prophet Elisha told him to wash in the River Jordan 7 times to cure him of his leprosy. Naaman went away angry and would never have been made clean if it weren't for his servants. The intelligent servants asked his master if the task had been a mighty thing to cure him if he would have done it. and that it is not a mighty thing why not do it and be clean. Then Naaman went and did the easy thing and was cleaned. I know that there is real importance in taking the small steps everyday. The gospel is not typically learned in one evening or one day. Doing these things will bless all of our lives and that I know. I hope y'all have a great week! 

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