Monday, August 3, 2015

So I'm up here in Texarkana, AR now! It's a pretty cool place. Apparently it has more fast food stores per populace than anywhere else... So that's saying something. The drive up here from Biloxi took aaaalll day. With all of the stops and such, Im not sure how long it took actually. But we left at 7am or so and Ididn't  get home to the apartment until 9pm. It took quite some time there. 

My new companion's name is Elder Davis. He and I get along fairly well so far! Its been a week so there isn't much to say for that. We got to go work and I enjoy teaching and tracting and all that jazz with him! So good first week in a new area. I do miss my old area and the people I was around and teaching but change is good for everyone! I know I'll love it here too. I haven't had too much of a chance to meet many of the members up here or really any of the investigators yet but those of whom I have met are wonderful people! This week is gonna be a short one! I hope yall have great days ahead of ya! :D 🌊

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