Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey Y'all! Its been a great week over here on the coast! On Tuesday my zone and another zone were able to have a mini conference to meet the new mission president. His name is President Olson and he seems to be very kind, very excited, and very motivated to get going! He is from Utah (really exotic right? haha) and he's got a large family. It's really interesting to be in a transition like this. So far nothing has happened or changed as he has only been here a week but I'll  see what occurs! I'll miss President McDonough as he was a good guide for me the first chunk I've been out here but I'm ready to keep going :D

As far as experiences go this was a good but short week! Elder Hernandez and I have been teaching a woman for just about all of the time we have been here and in that time it has been super difficult to keep her on focus! But we met with her later on the same Tuesday and had a 2 hour lesson.. Long right? It started out on a really good note because we were able to keep good focus on gospel topics and share the entire plan of salvation with her! As we were closing up our scriptures and getting ready to ask her to say a prayer she stopped us. This is where all the off topic finally burst out but at the same time it was full of purpose this time! She told us about some dreams that she had had. And how they have been coming true throughout her life and how she usually doesnt tell anyone but she felt like she could tell us. I dont think I need to share all of the details but the most recent dream she had she shared with us to be a palace in the center of a huge city! And she had no idea where it was or what it was. Elder Hernandez and I really didn't  know what to say at this point so we were silent and the Spirit was just chillen in the room. She closed her Book of Mormon and flipped through the back pages. In the back of the BoM there are pictures and one of the pictures is the Salt Lake City Temple. She thought she saw a glimpse of something and then went to searching for what she had seen. When she found the picture of the Temple she stood up. Put the book down. Walked to the dresser. And started to cry. We were silent for longer and Elder Hernandez and I both were on the same track of mind. He asked her if that Temple was the palace she had seen in her dream and she nodded her head. After a little bit more silence, I ask her very simply and straightforward, "do you believe the book of mormon is the word of God?" And she responded saying, "Don't do that to me.... I haven't even read the whole book and I know it's true." The rest is history. She plans to be baptized on the 25 of this month!

I wish Y'all could hear the story from Elder Hernandez haha he does a wonderful job! I'm super grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here and to be speaking with the children of God and seeing his hand in all of their lives. I know He is there and He lives and will help all of us out if only we ask. I hope yall have a great week! 

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