Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello people of a currently past but going to be again life! This last week has been pretty great. Starting off much more slowly than the last few but it got rolling. I can believe that I have already been here in Biloxi for a month! Time continues to disappear before my eyes and I think that's why its important for us to stay focused and working to use all of our time to the best of our abilities! Not like I have any right to coach anyone on that but it's something I'm working on haha I'm so grateful for my companion and the work he is willing to do and the help he has been to motivate me to get moving earlier in the morning! We started working out with more oooomph than I was willing to put in before and it's helping us both stay awake and alert the whole day!

So this week we got a referral from the church headquarters! The typical way this works is that someone will have heard about the 'Mormons" and decide to check out their website and order a free Book of Mormon but even more often is people just wanting a free Bible! So when we go to contact people we try to be hopeful but the experience is more often than not a complete bust! This week on the other hand was completely different! To preface further this week is the last week of the month and we can only use so many miles in our car... and therefore needed to ride our bikes for at least 25 miles this day haha When we got there the woman said, "come right on in!" And we proceeded to talk with her, her husband, and their ten year old son! After a few minutes of small talk we were able to transition into how they came into contact with the website and the Book of Mormon offer! This woman has a brother who is in jail. The brother was incarcerated with another young man who we believe was/is a less active member of the church because somehow this young man's mother contacted the woman we met and asked her to check out the website. Well she did and we were able to have a very spiritual lesson with the family and they seem adamant about coming to church this next Sunday (we met them yesterday after church!). How amazingly random is that? Or is it? We also had a man come with us to church yesterday and he enjoyed the experience so much that he plans on coming back with us next week! 

I'm grateful for the little things in life. As hard as they are for me to recognize I try to look for them to keep myself humble and not hoping for more than I need! The small miracles God lends us are what really grows our testimonies. Continually growing little by little. At the beginning of this transfer my companion and I started growing some tomato plants. And in one of my more favorite missionary practice sessions (since I dislike most of them xD) we started to make a parable of the tomato plant. One that isn't necessarily unheard of before but it never hurts to hear again. We all need to nourish our tomato plants (testimonies) with water and sunlight. without daily prayer and scripture study it becomes difficult for the seed to bud and the fruit to appear! Well that's all I got haha Have a wonderful week!
Elder Nally

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