Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello all I hope you are having a wonderful week! So it turns out both myself and my companion Elder Hernandez might be leaving this transfer! This is due to the fact that the Spanish leader in the church here has offended many people and they are no longer attending church and are not willing to go till he leaves and then that's a crazy nonsense but anyways the President moves Elder Hernandez around where he can actually do Spanish work! In other words he needs to be moved to where it will be productive almost immediately! And as I'm not sure how I got here in the first place I'll be going somewhere else haha

Recently the hymn on page 335 has become my favorite. "Brightly beams our fathers mercy" not only do the harmonies on this song sound wonderful but the lyrics talk of our ability to save somebody who is lost. Some sailor who is tempest tossed. All we need to do is point our light to him to guide him to shore. The song is the epitome of the work we do as full time and member missionaries helping those lost souls find Christ and help their lives become better. I love this idea and I'm striving to shine my light where I can. 

On an extremely similar topic, yesterday in church I had another epiphany moment. As the ward mission leader described again the story of 9 year old Sailor that was shared in General Conference. This poor young girl was flying in a more private plane with her family at night when it crashed and she was the only one to survive. As she walked away from this wreck on the dark hilly landscape she saw a light. And she chose to travel towards it. In this process of going towards the light she went in many dips and was unable to see the light but at other times she was able to see the light at the top of these hills. In a parable translation sometimes we know where we need to go but we cant see hope. We can't feel the spirit and we can't see that light. But! We know the general direction of it and if we continue to go that way we will reach a hill, we will see the light feel the hope and every moment of discouragement and pain and loss is worth that goodness that comes from feeling the spirit. 

I encourage any of you that may be struggling with a testimony or even beginning to have faith in Christ to just keep trying. This life is a test and God needs to know how long we are willing to follow Him. Its hard I know, I've gone through it we have all gone through low times but at the very least know that Christ has DEFINITELY gone through it. He suffered for EVERYTHING and He is right there ready to help us through the muck. I love y'all and have a great week.

As a side note not really I forgot to tell a super awesome story! The sisters in our district called us last night and asked us to give a blessing to their investigator! We went and did so (it was for strength to stop smoking) and later that night the investigator texted us and asked if it was normal to get sick a couple hours after a blessing! We then asked her if she had thought about or smoked a cigarette and the response was she had. The Lord worked through us to help her quit smoking by giving her an illness everytime she decides to smoke! If it were me I'd definitely stop haha Well thats that! :D 
Elder Nally

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