Monday, April 13, 2015

::This is Ethan's fun pose haha::

This last week was pretty wonderful! :) Elder Anderson and I went on exchanges with the El Dorado district leader and his companion. Whilst tracting with Elder Allen (DL's Comp) I relearned the definition of bold. This kid didn't care about what anyone thought. And thats really the way to go, and the way I attempt to emulate. At times I think my biggest issue is wondering if people are ready for what we have to share with them and now i know that the best way to do missionary work is just to give everyone the furthest opportunity. They say sharing is caring and so Im going to care! We also were able to visit the dog shelter again last week and now are signed up to bathe the dogs this week... Woohoo! :D.... haha Eh it shouldnt be too bad. 

The most exciting part of this last week occurred on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Ethan was baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! A mighty portion of our week was spent planning this event and it was all worth it! Although the font was a uh.. teensie weensie bit dirty haha cleaning is good. Well Im running short on time but I can say that for at least myself the spirit was strong during the little program, the baptism, and the confirmation! I love y'all and hope a wonderful week for all! :D

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