Monday, April 20, 2015

::Photo from the Mission Blog::

I will point out the obvious that time decides to just fly by after a certain point in one's life. It only feels like a few weeks being out on a mission. And if you are feeling particularly cynical today you could say that it has only been a few weeks. 17 and 5/7 to be exact! (including MTC time) I didn't even realize that until just now when I calculated it xD Anyways this last week has been just fabulous! :) The weather is finally warming up and the work is fun! Although I am a tad bit worried about how swampy its going to get in the next few months I'm sure I'll be able to survive! 

One experience I want to share with y'all this week is one that occurred while tracting! Elder Anderson and I walked down a street called Linda and as we continued to knock on each door one lady opened up immediately and invited us in! It's beautiful what the Lord will do for us as we try to do work as best as we can! As we proceeded to get to know her it was easy to tell that she was a very spiritual person and her children knew a lot of the answers to our questions. We were able to teach with the spirit in that lesson and it was very clear to us and we attempted to point it out to her. We hope that she will continue to feel that spirit as she reads the Book of Mormon! 

I love y'all and I know that the Book is true. It's easy to struggle with everything that's going on in life and sometimes all we need to pick up the pace is a couple minutes of quiet time and a prayer. I have a strong testimony of that. Those little consistent prayers keep me going through everyday and they help me to know that God really is there for each of us :D

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