Monday, March 30, 2015

This week has included more than a little bit of extra exercise... With the constant long traveling that comes with serving in the middle of nowhere we quickly run out of the miles we are given to use each month. This month in particular we ran out on Tuesday :p So I'm glad I bought a bike haha

Then on Saturday we had to drive down to Ruston again to have interviews with the President of the Mission! I always love going because it really motivates me and sets goals that I can achieve but didn't think to set myself. In order for us to do that we had to call the higher ups and get some extra miles! 

I already am really enjoying Elder Anderson's presence! We get along so well I think we probably shouldn't get along that well haha In one of the first lessons we taught together I could feel everything going smoothly with the spirit in the room (even though it smelled like pot haha) We can already teach well together and it has already pushed me to learn more and be able to try harder. I'm grateful for what I have added to my knowledge pool as of yet and I look forward to what more I will learn. Well I'm running out of time before im going to end up leaving but I love y'all and I hope you have a great week! :)

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