Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So as of today I'm no longer a missionary in training! It's been 3 crazy fast months and many much good experiences! Now as of last Friday I learned that my companion will be leaving to go to Slidell, LA to be a Zone Leader. Just jumped right on up there! He left this morning! So my new companions name is Elder Anderson! So far he seems like a cool cat but we haven't spent all that much time together yet haha.
Sup tree?

This last week with Elder Hainsworth has probably been our best as far as our working attitude and our spiritual experiences. It's hard to wake up in the morning and study for two hours (as an after thought, when we actually wake up and run because it isn't raining, the entire day is a bajillian times easier but its hard to get out from under the blanket in time for that haha running is good) but I think this week I've gotten the most out that time and have been really able to feel the influence the spirit has on our teaching. 
Is this front yard??

Yesterday even though we weren't necessarily supposed to be teaching a lesson because it was pre-transfer day of service (we are supposed to try and do service until 6 but an investigator called us and wanted to meet with Elder Hainsworth before he left. We could hardly say no) but our companion unity was ridiculous. I knew that the spirit was in the room and influencing what we ought to say because at any given moment after the investigator was finished talking Elder Hainsworth and I had the exact same questions in our minds and the same next thoughts to present. We even managed to get this hard headed guy to think a little haha. Its hard to grit through weeks where all you want to do is lay around but as soon as I get up and start working I feel sooo much better! It's going to be very different having a companion that I hardly know but I also know that everything will work out fine! I know that this is the Lord's work. 

One chapter of scripture I've come across while studying that I find to be highly insightful is Romans 7! It is worded quite awkwardly and maybe that's why it's become my favorite chapter in all of scripture stuffs but it also portrays a principal that allows me to know when I am doing good. Essentially it says that at any point in time if I wished to do something good, evil is present to try and stop me. The only way for us to truly do good is through Jesus Christ. Everyday I do my best to rely on His Atonement to enable me to do more than I would have originally thought was possible. I have come out here to work and to learn and in these first 3 months I really have and I hope to continue to grow and learn. I hope y'all have a great week. 

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