Monday, August 8, 2016


Hello one and all! I have had a fantastic week, but that's just about like any other week haha. There can be nothing less than that if you have the right attitude! So I guess this week I again have the opportunity to apologize for the lack of email and lack of information in those emails! Ill try to do a little better!
I just wanted to share with y'all my absolute favorite things about missionary work. and they happen just about everyday out here while we do what we can. 
My absolute favorite thing is teaching somebody who wants to learn something. And seeing the understanding in there eyes illuminated. And I always thought that was a weird word to use, right up until I saw it happen! I love it when we can see their faith grow and their desire expand and its just awesome to be a missionary. So I hope y'all know that. 
Something else that I always find great is the comfort the lord offers to those that are down trodden! john 14:18 and Alma 17:10 for those in the missionary service after it gets hard. The lord will come. I know it because I've experienced it and it is wonderful! Love Y'all and have a blessed week!

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