Monday, August 8, 2016


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There have been lot of really cool things that have happened this last week. The first being that we had a zone conference yesterday and that is the reason I am emailing today. There were a lot of things taught there with the spirit of God that helped a lot of missionaries in this zone. 
On Friday I reached the period of time of 18 months. I STILL feel as though I just left the mtc. They tell ya that the time flies but nobody believes it until they experience it! All of the sisters that began their missions at the same time as me are going home and it is so strange. For a long time it felt as though I would be doing this for what seemed then forever! But reality is setting in as I have seen some of my closest friends prepare to leave the mission field and realize that I am not that far behind. It seems that is all anyone wants to tell me when I meet them anyhow haha. But don't worry, I haven't slowed down at all, in fact I have started going faster. Seems that when I can see the end I work harder. I think its been that way for the majority of my life. I really feel as though Im finally starting to grip my head around the responsibility that has been on my shoulders for this long and how to accomplish it. I'm a little sad it took me this long but the experiences that I have had I wouldn't trade for anything.
We taught an investigator couple this last Saturday again that the elders here had been teaching for some time. And these two wonderful people have made leaps and bounds in the happiness that they have had in their lives. They attended church on sunday and had a wonderful experience. I just have seen so many people grow and learn to love. Its changed who I am. Not really the things I love to do just the person I am on the inside. I never considered myself a bad person. But the atonement of Jesus Christ is there to make a bad man good, and a good man better. And I've experienced it in myself and seen it in the lives of many. 
Another cool experience I was able to have was to attend a conference for the Spanish missionaries. Apparently I've learned enough to be that involved! I wont be officially a Spanish speaking elder but the mission president wants to use all of us in the ways that are needed and possible so its likely at some point I will end in an area that there will be at least a few Spanish speakers! The spirit was really strong at the conference and allowed me to build a lot of confidence in my ability to actually speak the language because of the capacity I had to understand and speak for a portion of the time. Obviously a lot more practice is needed but Im amazed at the progress so far. 
All in all life is good. The spirit of the Lord is present in my life and Im not scared to shout in on the rooftops. I do hope that yall have a blessed week!

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