Monday, June 6, 2016

Its been a fantastic week for me. I've learned of the strength and the ability to work that I have learned as a missionary. So I am grateful that I have found a source of strength stronger than my own will and might. 
Many things have happened this week but the first and greatest is that although I miss my family and friends and I still have things I want to do. I feel truly happy and peaceful. 
We had an investigator couple attend church this week and they enjoyed it. I have been able to see them change in only 2 weeks. The power the gospel has is limitless. Just like that really cool movie! 
I would invite all of yall if you aren't already doing it to read from the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes a day. Its not too long when you think about all the time we have in a day. Its a fountain and source of strength that I have found when I just don't have the energy to keep going! 
Anyways! Yall have a wonderful week

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