Tuesday, May 24, 2016


:::Took some bike selfies and saw two of the Texarkana district at a zone meeting!:::

This week has been good for me I think. I got to thinking about a lot of things. And one of our investigators is really thinking about being baptized and following Jesus Christ's example!

I guess I'd just like to echo something I heard from one of my cousins, in my own way of course. A little bit of pain is worth the reward that follows. Out of context it sounds a little perturbed. But its a pattern found in our own lives. Essentially those things that are worth something cost something. physically, in order to gain muscle we need to tear down what is already there and recover. Its hurts a little, but we've increased. If we want to get better at playing an instrument or our chess game we have to practice! And if we talk about faith and hope, those things beyond what we can see now, they cost as well. Really it's why we do anything. If we didn't believe we would get a pay check at the end of a week why would we work? haha. The concepts of the gospel are surrounding us in a mirror image of what the world sees. It's actually kind of a fun game to play. Relate the gospel to things around us! Anyways what really got me about what I heard was that when we look at just the first part, the hard part we don't want to do it. And probably wouldn't if we didn't have a reason to do so. And we do the difficult things because it changes us, makes us better, and happier. All because of Jesus Christ. And that's all.

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