Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey y'all! Life in the forest got a little interesting this last week. On Wednesday we got something called a tiwi box installed into our cars. It is a "mentoring device" teaching us how to drive properly. It marks each driver as green, yellow, or red. A green driver is a good driver, and follows the rules and only messes up a few times. A yellow will commit moderate errors and mess up more often and a red driver pretty much blatently ignores the traffic laws. Here are some of the things we do:

Before we drive anywhere we get to log in to the car by pressing a card against the Tiwi box. and it literally says "Driver Logged In." If you don't do that it says "No Driver" and it might record the event and send it in to the driving coordinator to report our driving status. 
If we drive without putting seatbelts on it tells us to put them on and we have 15 seconds to fix it before its recorded.
drive too far over the speed limit, get 15 seconds to fix it. (works on a gps system but is not a gps for us.)
Driving over bumps too fast, driving over 90 miles an hour, turning too fast, and slamming on the brakes too hard are all examples of "aggressive driving" and automatically get recorded and sent in!

Besides that we had some cool people attend church with us on Sunday in our little twig meeting in a members home! :D 
We are excited for all of them and everyone really. Its been a good week for my Spanish too because I actually participated fully in two Spanish lessons the last two days! So I actually feel like I'm learning! 

Y'all have a blessed day!

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