Tuesday, January 19, 2016

:::My New District:::

So I made it out here to Forest, Mississippi and what a wonderful place it is! Let me tell y'all a little about all the crazy things here! Forest is not very big. It is also apparently the chicken capitol of the WORLD... There are random chicken statues everywhere. I will get a picture of a few eventually. Before a few months ago there hadn't been missionaries here in about 10 years! Some people I've met this week still remember those guys! Not just the members but random people haha. We've got a lot to live up to! It's full of Hispanics and Im currently practicing my Spanish again with a Spanish Book of Mormon and one of the zone leaders who is a Spanish missionary! We live 50 minutes from the ward building in Brandon, Mississippi and get a ride from some of the members every week. But for district meetings we drive down ourselves and stay the whole day in Brandon. Double working one of the areas with the other elders in our district! We have an entire county of Mississippi as our area (Scott county). Also this area had previously been worked by my trainer Elder Hainsworth who is also currently one of the assistants to the President. So it's fun to be following him around again. 
:::Elder Nally and Elder Call:::
Elder Call is from Ephraim, was a theatre kid, shares my humor (especially for puns), loves everyone he comes in contact with, and is a wonderful missionary and I think the companion I needed to faithfully continue working hard. Transfers are not always easy for some and I am very grateful for the companions I've been able to have and that none of them were a real struggle. 
:::{My Pants. (Yes that is where you think it is.):::}
This area is bursting at the seams with potential! (Thats funny because I made a huge hole in my pants helping someone move...). We have met with a lot of cool people this week, and I've seen the difference the last couple guys have been making by helping them bring the spirit into their homes!

I have a lot to look forward to here and what the heck to the fact that this is the year of my second decade! Weird. Anyhow Y'all have a blessed week! Peace out!

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