Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another transfer has come and gone and here's the update. I will be staying in Texarkana and my new companion's name is Elder Mills. I've actually served around him before and I'm excited to see what we will be able to do together in Arkansas! He has a really long drive ahead of him today!

This last Sunday was missionary day. The man in charge of assigning talks had every single missionary participate in some way or another by bearing their testimony, saying a prayer, or giving a talk. I was one of the lucky two that got to give a talk. The topic was recognizing and understanding the Holy Ghost and I learned a lot of new things to help me out but I made one of my own conclusions that as we do everything we can to do what is right and not suppress and kind thought, and to follow the Commandments of God. Whether we recognize it or not the spirit will be active in our lives and at some point we will learn to know it for what it is. 

We have lost contact with the investigator that actually seemed interested but we will be making a renewed effort to talk with him and find others later on in this week!
Hope y'all have a great one!

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