Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey what's up? This week was really good for our fat. We got free donuts and more donuts and had some really good food at some member's homes! Also I've realized that I've gained a total of 20 pounds in 6 months! Hopefully not too much more than that for the rest of the time here but oh well!

A couple of days ago we were out biking in the 100 somethin degree humid weather (which by the way I am fairly accustomed to already) and while we were going my back bike tire just popped and went flat! We had to walk the bikes a mile before we got a ride from some of the members and then we helped them move furniture up three flights of stairs. When you walk outside over here you just start dripping. Its kind of insane. 

On Saturday we met again with a man who Elder Hernandez met with Elder Iden on exchanges! He told us he only had 10 minutes to talk but we were able to go see him for that time and share with him the restoration and It was amazing how receptive and spiritually oriented he was. I'm super grateful to be here in Biloxi and to be learning and teaching the gospel. Y'all have a wonderful week!

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