Monday, May 11, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day because mine was really great. I had the opportunity to skype my family and a couple supa close friends! Make sure you all appreciate those mothers because they are doing everything they can out there!

Alright, I must now apologize for the lack of emails the past two weeks and begin to inform all y'all what good stuff goes on in life! I am now serving in the Biloxi Spanish area. My comp Elder Hernandez is very fluent in Espanol. Now, I am not a Spanish  elder so they call a companionship like mine a zebra companionship. No idea who came up with the name and I'm not sure I quite agree with them haha. But even as the first week has come to a close I've felt my ability to communicate in Spanish has increased tremendously! I appreciate the help I've recieved from the Holy Ghost bringing my high school Spanish class to my remembrance! (John 14:26). 

Biloxi is in Mississippi and my apartment is not even 10 minutes from the water! Awesome! but scary because hurricane season just started... but that's alright.  If I survive a hurricane I'll be able to say I survived a hurricane. Today is going to be really fun for me because we plan on going to play volleyball right next to the water and I haven't played volleyball in forever so I'm excited!

On a note of a more serious attitude, the work here has not been going smoothly. The ward in Biloxi is absolutely wonderful and the Bishop is an amazing man! The entire ward is organized according to the missionary work! Now that Elder Hernandez and I have taken over, things seem to be going well. We met with a less active member of the church that only speaks Spanish! He came to church on Sunday because of the spiritual experience we had with him this week. This man has taken a funny liking to me and I believe it is because I'm this silly little (relatively) gringo that is trying to learn Spanish.  He has managed to coerce me into saying prayers and other little things in Spanish when I definitely wasn't ready but I'm grateful for it because I learned even more quickly and am now saying all of my prayers in Spanish. I met a lot of wonderful people in Magnolia and I'm very thankful I was able to serve there and now I am excited to be down here in Biloxi  Oh and the seafood is cheap! 

Anyways, I know that especially on a mission but not limited to one that the Lord has a plan for each of us. He knows where we need to be and where we need to be going. I also know that if we don't do something until we believe we are ready we may never do it. So I encourage all of you to take that first step into something scary and let you know that the Lord will help you with whatever it is. I'm so grateful for all of y'all and for the wonderful times I am having out here! I love God and His son Jesus Christ and I'm thankful for His atonement. Now have a wonderful week :)
Elder Nally

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