Monday, March 9, 2015

Down here in Southern Arkansas this translates to "Everyone gets lucky now and again."
Thought it'd be funny to share with y'all. Also I think I've figured out how I want to organize these emails!

This last week has been abundant in weather. We got ice, we got sun, we got rain, we got snow and its all been pretty fun. For the first time I slid on ice while driving. Its not too scary if you aren't going fast haha Elder Hainsworth and I taught DDM on Wednesday. It ended up being a fairly short lesson as our ride to El Dorado was a little bit tardy. Afterwards we went to eat at Larry's Pizza and stuffed ourselves full at the buffet of pizzas. I've got to tell ya the loaded potato and honey mustard chicken pizzas are probably the best ones they have! Oh and for those that know, "Shake It Off" came on in Larry's Pizza and I got a little homesick for a couple minutes. After that we continued our week at a fairly normal pace. Lots of knocking on random doors and such. Many people just glare and slam the door but we keep on going and like the blind hog we will find those acorns!

E.: I don't think I've mentioned E before today but if I have repetition isn't a bad thing. He is a 23 year old kid who Elder Hainsworth has said is the most solid investigator he has ever had. He is really down to Earth, asks good questions, and pays attention to what we say. We have high hopes for him!

L.: We honestly don't know her last name yet. She is dating a less active man. They plan on getting married in the next couple of weeks and they also are going to try and stop smoking. They are very talkative people and its always fun to go hear his possibly made up stories! :D 

J: We met this guy yesterday. The second atheist I've met down here in the south. But at the same time he was extremely open minded and willing to listen to us and try our invitation.

Spiritual Thought!
On Saturday Elder Hainsworth and I were tracting a street called Burnt Bridge Road. We had gone through most of the place in previous days and for no real reason started to walk along the highway where there didn't seem to be any houses. After a short time we did find a house and the man who lived there. He is an older man who wasn't particularly interested in what we had to say but continued to tell us a lot of really good life advice. One thing in particular that he said when we were talking about churches and people who need to go is, "you have to catch a fish before you can clean it." And honestly that is the goal of any missionary or anyone going about to do the Lord's work. I continued to think about that phrase. To think that every fish (person) has their own bait (desire). And there really is nothing to do for people if they dont want to be cleaned and don't want to be caught. I have to try to help people get a desire to come unto Christ to change their ways and become clean. But really that desire comes from within. It's not something to be forced. As we continue to go about our lives and be examples to those we know, it can be one of those baits to get your friend to ask, "hey why are you so happy?" and as simple as that we can share the gospel with others. I encourage all of you to strive to be like Christ. Love and help everyone and be happy because you know what really matters in life. 
Thanks everyone for your love and support.
Elder Nally

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