Monday, February 16, 2015

So transfers got a little mixed up past what we thought was going to happen. Now we have 6 Elders in our district haha It's a little bit too fun when we all get together. Elder Muhile is the district leader but neither of the other new guys is who we were expecting! Elders Brown and Davis are both pretty chill but neither is new and neither is Elder Kramer haha 

This week was super busy but not always in the missionary department! Monday through we were either traveling or in Rustin, LA or El Dorado, AR or here in Magnolia. It was a lot of driving and packing and we didn't even get to say a nice goodbye to Elder Iden. So when we got back to our apartment Wednesday evening we were pretty darn tired! But it was fun to be able to spend some time with the new Elders. 

Thursday was a really good day. All of our appointments went through and we were even able to take a not necessarily less active member with us but he doesn't always go to church and his mom thought it was good for him when we ran into her later haha 

Friday was an adventure in itself. The planning we had the night before was pretty simple. We planned to wake up study and weekly plan (which unfortunately but necessarily takes two hours) Eat lunch and then travel to Springhill which is about 25 miles away. We tracted for 3 hours and found not a single person who was willing to talk with us. Lots of awkward door exchanges though. One guy we ran into im pretty sure was high and talked about a lot of weird things and how he was kicked out of being a Jehovah's Witness... But that was good for our spirits I think haha. Later that night we went to dinner at a member's home. This particular family is so busy and this is the first time they were able to have the missionaries over since Elder Hainsworth had been in Magnolia! We had some really good Jambalaya and garlic bread and then of course we went to share a spiritual thought. I was expecting a normal experience but as we shared with them how powerful sharing our testimonies can be they shared their testimonies with us. 

They had a son named Logan who would have been a couple years older than me but who was diagnosed with cancer at age 2. Now for some reason Logan was smarter than the average bear and was able to communicate almost fully with adults by the end of his life at age 4. The O'Neals talked about how when Logan went under medication for treatments that he was able to talk to Jesus and with angels. The O'neals told us that they often let him continue to talk about it but they didnt quite believe him. He was the kid that would be talking to no one and when they asked him who he was talking to he would tell them that he was again talking to angels. Brother O'neal told me that he didnt believe that his son was actually doing this until one day after a treatment and closer to the end of Logan's life. He often had talked about things that he wouldnt have learned in nursery and they didnt recognize that until this moment. Logan told his father that he was able to see himself in the counsel in Heaven and that when God asked who would take upon himself this illness that he raised his hand and he saw his parents raise their hands as the ones who would take care of him. 

I testify to you all that I know this church is true. The power of the Spirit in that room was stronger than I felt at any other time in my life. I am constantly bringing my testimony of Christ into peoples homes and i pray consistently that I may be able to teach with and more fully recognize the Holy Spirit. This gospel is no gimmick. There is nothing that makes me more happy than to see the wheels turning in these people's eyes and Its amazing to know how much happier we can be if we prioritize our lives correctly. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Elder Nally

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