Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Missionary Training Center

Elder Nally with Uncle Lonnie, MTC President, and Aunt Kaye

Aunt Kaye was so thoughtful to send this email, letting us know Elder Nally had safely arrived at the MTC.

December 23, 2014
To the Family:
Thank you soooo much for those Hi Chews.  My companion and other Elders are enjoying them thoroughly. I only have an hour to write so I'm trying to rush through things butI realized I didnt give my email to nearly anyone so whenever you feel like I'd ask that you share. Hayden and Taylor may not even have it. Oops haha The spirit here is super strong and I've already learned so much! I'll be leaving for Mississippi on the 29th of this month so I'll send a new address home soon after that. Thank you for sharing with my mom and I'm hoping next P-day I'll have more time to send home a good message and maybe a group email. I actually only went to see them (Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Kaye) the first time on Sunday because we've been so busy with class and pretend or maybe not pretend investigators (they wouldn't tell us). But my companion Elder Marvin and I are enjoying each other's company and ran into President Nally again at dinner last night. I also am going to the MTC choir practice and have a piano piece in the Christmas talent show. I love my district and I'll share more next week. I am also going to ask my mom to send the pictures over to you when I get access to wifi and can send them home, and if that doesn't work I'll end up just emailing everything. Thanks for all the support, send love to all and make sure everyone is saying their prayers and reading their scriptures. It's super important. Oh also don't worry about my mental well being, the MTC is very similar to Civitan and I am thriving here no stress at all, and of course absorbing all the information! We got a little bit of snow! but then it got melted by the rain that followed it haha we also got some pictures outside of the Provo temple in the rain but anyways have a wonderful Christmas :D
Elder Nally

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  1. What wonderful photos of Elder Nally! I'm so thankful for this blog and being in touch with all Bryan's missionary experiences. Love and thanks.


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